/ 23 January, 2009



Based on log books of American whaling ships‚ whale sighting in the Bay of Banderas dates back to 1858 when the presence of mainly two species – the Humpback and the Grey whale – was first recorded. At the time‚ these gracious mammals were hunted each season for meat‚ oil used in street lamps and whalebones used to make corsets so ladies could display a perfect hourglass figure.

Thankfully a lot has changed since then‚ but Vallarta remains one of the top places in the world to view whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Each year thousands of visitors and scientists travel to Vallarta just to watch the humpback whales migrate to the warm waters of Banderas Bay. From November to April these graceful mammals with mysterious habits travel south more than 10‚000 kilometers to find the best breeding grounds and feeding spots‚ a trip that takes them between 2 and 3 months.